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DINIK 3 года 3 мес. назад #1159

D.Aubakirova, A.Ismagulova, A.Kamaleev,
A. Tarassenko, O.Khizhaya, S. Shirshova,
English teachers, Kostanaiskaya oblast

While being in Kostanay at «Qualification improvement course in the frames of updating of education content for English in primary classes» we learned a lot of new and interesting strategies of teaching at primary school. One of the practical activities was to create a story based on a puzzle. We know that many children nowadays like English and dinosaurs. To involve learners in reading and thinking we created a story about Dinik in order to help children be optimistic and happy. We hope that our story will be interesting for primary school learners.
…Once upon a time there lived a young dinosaur called Dinik. He was very kind, optimistic and talkative. Every morning he liked to get up very early and talked to everybody and everything around him. He talked to grass, to flowers, to insects and birds.
One day, a very bright and colorful butterfly attracted his attention best of all. She flew from one flower to another very gracefully. She was so bright and beautiful that our Dinik decided to fly like she. He jumped and jumped, run and run, but he couldn’t fly up into the air as he wanted. So he decided to jump down from the hill in hope that his paws would open widely and he could fly. So he came up to the brim of the hill, opened his paws widely… and fell down. But as he was very optimistic, he wasn’t disappointed and came to the conclusion:
«Who was born to run, cannot fly».
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DINIK 3 года 3 мес. назад #1160

Очень интересный рассказ о динозаврике, самое главное поучительный.
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